Monday, April 7, 2014

Special Report: Ft. Hood Shooter Was on Cocktail of Psych Drugs

Hi blog family!

for those of  us on psychological  medication-

 I want you to remember therapy is most important -

you cannot get well without digging into your past and finding why we need medication or drugs to function daily! If our ancestors can survive Holocaust and Slavery- u can come through any dark period in your life!!

- please research and find a great therapist you trust. I am a big advocate of "talking" out your problems not medicating - which is done often with foster kids!!

 Protect your mind!!!

God has so much for you to do, you need to have a clear mind. Never listen to News or others DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH on what is real and what is not!! We have been programmed while in care- deprogram yourself and reach your full potential: eat healthy, protect your mind and exercise!

I want you to stop numbing your brain with video games and negative TV and start searching for healing alternatives, positive people, self help info!!

Have a great day and know you are special, loved and needed by the universe!!



Friday, April 4, 2014

faith in hard times


hi blog family!
lol I feel a sermon coming on..
 life has been challenging this month for many that I know but I say - hold on help is on the way!

I am sure we have all been tested in our faith at some point - even being in and surviving foster care we must have had "faith" of some sort to have gotten through!
When I was in the height of my abuse as a kid, I always knew it would stop one day - I don't know how but my inner soul comforted me even at my most tortured times...Faith. Believing in the unknown or unseen- comfort, relief is got me through AND I maintained my sanity!!

I talked with a few aged out youth this month who are going through rough times;  dropping out of school because of money issues, others entering back into society after incarceration and another not happy with their adopted parents because they don't feel supported. All understandable life challenges!! They are not alone and after all they have been through - I still commend them for starting each day new! When you are feeling down and like you are the only one things happen to have Faith...

We must remember that none of us on this earth is extinct from tragedy, illness, death and hard times!!
If we are to come out foster care and into the world to go on to our greatness - we must become "depression and oppression proof"- taking control of our destiny and our minds!! (this is not easy)

 we must focus on healing our inner selves with every self help book and video you can find!!

 I know for certain, God did not bring any of us this leave us!!
 ("I don't feel no ways tired-come to far from where I started from, nobody told me that the road would be easy, I don't believe he bought me this far, too leave me") one of my favorite Baptist songs!

While I faced, (like many of you), neglect, abandonment, abuse, loneliness and my sibling dying early, I also faced mental growth, spiritual empowerment, (this does not mean you have to go to church-its from within not- tangible places like a church but inner peace that allows me to stop focusing on MY problems and turn to silence, meditation and prayer for healing that lets me help others on my journey of life. Life for anyone today, especially without family support, is hard, this is true.

a reporter once asked me how I got through what I survived and still be happy - I told her FAITH never left my mind and I knew God was by my side!"
"I do this everyday.. I wake...with FAITH! "
 Even if I went homeless, had no food, lost my family, I know that time heals ALL wounds and IF you wake the next day....their is hope to find all those things you lost. Only faith can create certainty in hard times!

Even when my brother died I thought the world ended but I found out it actually goes on even when WE hurt or don't' have!!
If I was ever going to lose faith, it would have been when I lost my baby brother who went to all the group homes/foster homes with me his whole life, (I went signed back into another at 18 because of abuse - but we were "family" to each other and I could not imagine life without him) but life still went on...even when I was distraught)

The key is to keep faith when you are at your lowest OR highest, knowing that "this too, shall pass" is the best quote ever for those who have been through something. We are all energy, moving changing, NOTHING stays the same!!!
That is good and that is what allows us to have faith, faith that things will turn around, faith that the evil in the world will be wiped out because of change, (not from us because we know the best revenge for your enemy....outliving them!!!

My foster mom use to say when I was mad at someone that did me wrong) "you don't ever have to get revenge Tan (my nickname she gave me sounds like Taun), just live long enough  and outlive your enemy, that is the best revenge!!"
I got that later in life - if you outlive them, your life and being able to move on to greatness, is the revenge, they did not stop you!!!
IF you are alive you are energy, energy is always moving and can always

best advice for those struggling:

Please honor quiet time, God is always speaking to you guiding you but if you are always talking and listening to other noise, you won't hear YOUR message!!
I love being a Quaker for this reason, I learned to listen and spread my light from the message I receive.
We are all here for divine purpose- keep faith at ALL times.
While man is driving us all to a society that pops pills, does not value woman or children, murderous, slanderous and scandalous, know that God and the Universe will have the last say!!
 Don't get caught up in todays News, its all sad and bad, get caught up in having FAITH - that YOU can make a difference in a life, that you can reach out to others, that you are special because God brought you through and will keep bringing you through!!

 Humans think they know everything but if you keep faith in God, or something higher than you, you will see that "this too shall pass" - NOTHING stays the same and each day you wake- you can be better than yesterday!!! I am so grateful to all my blog viewers- help me spread the word faith!!xo

smile someone is watching you! :)
Save the date May 28th 4-6pm

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Groove Theory - Keep Tryin' ft. Sky Larrieux

to my blog family kids - keep trying- never give up!! xo

Thursday, March 27, 2014

keep on moving, the storm shall pass

Tanya Cooper

Friday, March 21, 2014

Life has a way of throwing us ALL a curve ball

Hi blog family!

a lot is on my heart today as I was told I have to have surgery ASAP to see what two black spots/growths are! Yes, I was scared when my doctor said the "C" word - I will not speak it, as it has killed many of our friends family and colleagues! No matter how healthy you try to be by eating and exercising- the C can still pop up out of no where!

As many of you know I had been living in an apartment over 18 years and got sick from the deadly mold! But when I think about it, I am nothing special so I am subject to environmental illness like anyone else!
I look at my friend recently who survived a double mastectomy! My other who went through prostate cancer, and my birth cousin recently succumbing to Cancer.. Ok, I said the word! It is everywhere but I refuse to let it or the possibility of it make me scared to live the life GOD intended for me!

My Curve ball life poem - This is nothing..

I decided that this is nothing for someone whose mother gave me away because of neglect
This is nothing compared to the many times I sat with my siblings so hungry, my stomach still growls!
This is nothing worse than when I found out my two foster brothers were monsters and sexually abused me for years, and then it was covered up, as if I was a hot 9 year old!

This "C" ain't nothing compared to thinking that I had love in my life, (my baby brother that stayed with me all my foster life), and then he died of heart disease on me at 41 !!

This is minor compared to when I was attacked randomly outside of NYU dorms over 25 years ago, before the central park jogger), luckily they could not get my belt off and thanks to my boyfriend at the time lending me that military belt, it saved my life, I was beaten for dead, in a coma, lost two nerves and a tenant in my hand BUT again, this was nothing....

This isn't nothing ...when I look back on when I faced homelessness after this incident, (could not model anymore with a cast on hand that had to be held up for almost a year!) .. not once but twice because I refused to go back to a home that held my abusers-

this is nothing for me to fight, as I have the most wonderful two girls in the world, (lol besides yours for all the moms)
This is nothing to fight for me, a former victim who has a voice, choice and a lot of work to do for foster kids!
Pray for me, pray for each other. Fosters AND adoptees must stand together, as you never know what life will bring in the form of a curve ball BUT if you have support - you can get through anything! I know because I am still here after the storms of life has hit me, (like you ), with MANY curve balls! Know that you have purpose and ALWAYS, even at the last hour, keep FAITH - u cannot live without faith- u will only survive but our goal for 2014 is to LIVE to the fullest!
Save the date for March 28th FREE event! I will post flyer soon and if all goes well, I will be up and running before that!! xo


Saturday, March 15, 2014

May 28th save the date!!! Foster Care Awareness Month

Hi Blog family!

As I hear many foster and former foster stories I am livid that more is not being done to get our kids out of group homes and into homes!! My partner and I are doing a FREE workshop at the Mount Kisco Public Library May 28th 4-6pm "Intervention for maternal loss and developmental trauma in adoption and foster Care" - Robert Hafetz; American Adoption Congress State Rep & Adoption Education Family Counseling LLC will be our workshop leader and speaker!! He will also do a book signing for his new book - "Not Remembered Never Forgotten" - Refreshments will be served RSVP  tgirlcooper@yahoo,com - If you were ever adopted or wanting to adopt or work with foster and adopted- you don't want to miss this! ITs all about the healing and what you don't know - CAN hurt you or the kids you work with!!!

I am doing the work I was sent to do and I appreciate all the support and love from our community! God has much work for us to do together.  I don't have much but with God I can do anything! I will not let money or  people stop me from doing what I was called to do!
Teach your kids to help others, even when you don't have a lot, if you have a skill, use it! We can change the faces of foster care, one kid at a time!!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Taking action when your chips are down

Hi Blog family!
I'm feeling like a Quala Bear today! lol

I was sharing my dream with a friend and they so believed in me, they signed me up for a comedy class i needed to get back in the game! I say all this to say...
its ok to share your dreams, sometimes when you have NO family support, it may be your friends or a stranger that you shared with that will help you achieve!!

Have a great day and know you are special and loved!! Sharing is caring, caring is taking action, taking doing it!!

Go out and do something to get closer to your dream, sign up for a class, ask for help, many scholarships out in this world for many things. Never take no for an answer!! Take action!!!

Save the date May 28th - Mt. Kisco Library - FosterKidsUnite will have speaker Robert Hafetz PHD. doing a workshop and book signing!!!! I will share the topic by next week. Adoption and Foster care - healing from Trauma - you don't want to miss this!!